Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday (picture heavy post)

My sweetie pie turned 30 yesterday and I thought I'd share the dessert I made for him. I was even able to use my Cricut for it!! I got the recipe and idea from Bakerella. Check out the website for more seriously cute ideas! The 'fries' are sugar cookies and the 'hamburgers' are cupcakes, brownies, and frosting.
The complete 'meal':
Scott used to work at In-N-Out (a California burger chain) while in high school and college, and he was recently gifted an apron, so I thought I'd run with the theme. I downloaded the logo from the internet and imported it into Inkscape to convert it into a .svg file which I then cut with SCAL. It was my first inkscape project, and it wasn't as complicated as I thought it would be. Wow--I'm excited for all I can do with this program! There is a link to purchase SCAL on the right hand column of my blog, if you're interested.
Then I altered the logo a bit to make a few "Happy Birthday" fry holders:
Here's a closeup of the burgers:
I made the paper trays as well--from a template included on Bakerella's site. I had to alter the size of the fry holders to accomodate the logo--I didn't want to make the letters any smaller so I had to make the holders larger. Here's a serving:
Here are a couple shots of the burger assembly--my favorite part is getting to figure out a way to 'clean up' the brownie scraps!
Putting on the 'ketchup, mustard, and lettuce':
The burger tray:
Jonah looking forward to his dessert:
Noah approves!
Thanks for looking!


~chevygirl~ said...

Awesome idea and Sweet pictures! Sure looks like you please the men of the house. Happy bday to your sweetie.

KreatesKards said...

Bakerella's site is fantastic. I've visited it many times. Your birthday surprise is amazing!!! They really look real and your "guys" sure look happy.

Deanna said...

So what are you going to do NEXT year for an encore?? :) Very cute!! Jonah looks like he's very excited!! I liked the photo of Noah on facebook with him starting to reach for the burger! adorable!!

Crystal said...

OMG! You absolutely amaze me! That is some serious talent you got girl! I love this idea and it is just perfect! I am so gonna have to steal it from you for our next b-day party! Our son's was Sat. and if I had seen this first, I would've totally copied you! Hugs!

scrapn_momof2 said...

Totally cute fries and burgers!!! Thanks for sharing the info on where to get the recipe.

Sandy said...

This is so cool. I love it. I am so impressed and jealous of your talent with the computer. It does look like the boys are enjoying the untimate burger.

I agree with your mom, what will next year's encore be???

Kelly said...

oh that is the coolest thing ever! Very well done, looks like everyone enjoyed!

all4sydney said...

WOW!! That is just AWESOME!! It looked so much like a burger!! Very Cool!