Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's A Small World/See You Next Week

Since I have been busy with my Swap, I haven't gotten much time lately to work on anything else. So, I thought I'd post some pictures of pages that I completed several years ago. I got the idea for this page from someone else (cannot remember 10 years back to give proper credit)! But I DO remember that it took a veeeeerrrrry loooooong time to complete, as there is a lot of detail.
It's funny to look back at scrapbook pages done so long ago and see how trends and styles have (or have not) influenced my personal scrapbooking style. For example, I don't think I even owned any patterned paper back when these pages were done. I didn't even like most of the patterned paper until just a few years ago, and now my shelves are bursting with it!
I was also uncomfortable with any 'white space' on a page and needed all of the page to be filled up and balanced. Another thing I just recently became okay with is doing just a single page. I used to ONLY do double page spreads so that they would look nice next to each other on an open page. Now I find that restricting myself to 2-page spreads limits my creativity and ability to complete pages.
Lastly, I used to do a LOT more work on my pages because products simply weren't available. I would spend hours making my own patterned paper, only to find a similar pattern sold in the stores a few months (or in some case, years) later for a mere $0.79. Or, I look at what I handmade several years ago and think, "now Cricut sells a cartridge for that." Oh, well. At least I know I have lots of 'sweat equity' invested in my books!

A closer view of page 1:
and page 2:

Thanks for looking! This will be my last post until next week, as my dear Scott will be taking me away for a few days. The kiddos will even be with the grandparents, so it is quite the vacation for us! I have a few more Disney layouts to post when we get back. Until next time...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


You may have noticed that I have been working on an ABC Bible verse Swap this month. My goal was to complete all 56 pages (I signed up for 2 letters) before Scott and I leave on our getaway later this week. I put the finishing touches on the very last page last night. I cannot post pictures until after they are mailed out, so you'll just have to trust me that they're done and they're ready to go! They're not due until November, so it will be awhile before I see what all the other participants created, but I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Susie B's Beautiful Cards

If you love making cards, and especially if you love making cards and have a Cuttlebug, "run, don't walk" to Susie B's page, Heart Prints. I will be adding this link to my sidebar. Once you get to the page, click on the Cuttlebug link to see what she has done, or just explore the rest of her page, as I'm sure it's good, too! I've had her page bookmarked for several months now, and her work is consistently amazing. She is also a member of the Cricut Message Boards and her cards are always getting rave reviews. I hope you will like it and be inspired, too!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happily Ever day at a time

Ever since I was a little girl, I had the idealistic dream of meeting my Prince Charming, falling madly in love, and living happily ever after. It would be perfect. Hardships may come, but we'd always face them together and grow stronger and deeper in love because of them.
These pictures were taken earlier this year, on a late spring day, when Scott and I stole away for a drive in the mountains and a picnic by a lake. It had been a particularly difficult day for both of us, and we both needed the escape to get some fresh air and enjoy each other's company. Somewhere along the way, I thought about our relationship--our marriage and our love for each other. And I remembered my girlhood dream of living happily ever after. And I realized that it was coming true, even then, even when things aren't 100% right, because we're loving each other, one day at at time. We are in the process of putting enough days together to live happily ever after for a lifetime.
The journaling, which is of a more personal nature of the events that were happening at the time, is hidden behind the picture at the bottom. The Happily Ever After is cut from Storybook. The flourish, as well as the heart outline, is cut from Graphically Speaking, and the rest of the title is from Alphalicious. The stamps, which are wet-embossed, are from Fancy Pants.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Goofy Boy

These pictures are very typical of Jonah...posing upside down or showing his tummy...or anything else just to be silly. He's my fun-loving boy who likes to get others to laugh.
I wanted bright, bold papers that would enhance the theme of this page, so I went with the primary color scheme. The Goofy is from Mickey and Friends, and the lettering is done with both Mickey and Friends and Mickey Font. Stamps are from Rhonna Ferrar.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Never-Ending Card

I found this card on YouTube (click on the link for a video tutorial), and decided to try my hand at it. It's called the never-ending card because it opens up 4 times--the last time returning to the original front. I also used the spotlight technique on the front, emphasizing the sentiment on the card, "You color my world."

If you open up the card, here is what you will see:
and open it up again to see this:
one more time:
and if this is opened up, you would see the image at the top.

It's a lot of work, but also fun to give away because the technique is unique.
Stamps used: Autumn Leaves

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Product Review/Comparison: Stickles and Glitter Glue

About a month ago I bought my first bottle of Stickles from my local scrapbook store (LSS) and I've been so pleased with the extra 'punch' it gives my projects! A little bit goes a long way and it's an easy way to add that perfect touch. Well, the only downside I could see was that it was rather expensive for a .5 oz bottle (approx. $2.50) and there are multiple colors to choose from. I knew I would have to build my collection slowly or risk going overboard fast!
I was in JoAnn's a couple of weeks ago, and in the $1 bins right by the check out stands, I saw a bin full of Studio G Glitter Glue. The colors were more limited than what Stickles offer; my store had about 5-6 to choose from (and I bought 4 of them). They are bigger than Stickles--maybe .75 oz or so. It doesn't say on the bottle. For the price, I had to check them out and compare them to the Stickles. Here are my observations, and I hope they are helpful to you.

The Studio G Glitter Glue (from Hampton Art) does not hold its shape as well as Stickles--it flattens and spreads as it dries, and this limits its usefulness in some ways. It is also a little bit harder than the Stickles to control the flow of glue from the tip. I think the tip must be a little bit thicker than the Stickles. That said, I found a few helpful tips to work around these disadvantages. First, I have used the glitter glue almost exclusively to cover paper that has already been cut with my Cricut. This stops the spread of the glitter as it dries. In other words, I would not use the Studio G Glitter Glue to write/draw with but it is fine to cover letters and shapes that are pre-cut. Second, I found that it is not a good idea to just turn the bottle over and squeeze it to apply the glitter glue. This results in an uneven application--thicker in some areas and thinner in others with a few air bubbles in between. Rather, hold it upside down and let the glue settle into the tip. It takes a few seconds but it eliminates the air bubbles and smooths the application. Once the glue is settled to the tip, it is much easier to get the desired flow--squeeze lightly for a thin line or more firmly for a thicker line.

Recap and Overall Grades:

Studio G Glitter Glue
Value: A (more product for less money.)
Quality: C+ (acceptable, but limited in scope.)
Overall: B-

Value: B- (that's a lot of $ for a .5 oz bottle, but a little goes a long way, and there are better prices if you search online.)
Quality: A+ (keeps its shape as it dries, able to be used in more contexts)
Overall: A-

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby's First Year Scrapbook in Explosion Box

I had a lot of fun making this explosion box (and the pop-up card to match it.) It is actually a 'Baby's First Year' scrapbook for a friend. I made the box from directions from this site, and then I modified it. I made photo corners out of cardstock so that 3x3 photos can slip into place. I then made journaling tags to fit behind where the pictures belong (see photo below). I decorated each tag by inking the edges and adding a die-cut to each one as well as a journaling theme. They were all cut with the Cricut--most from New Arrival and a couple from Zooballoo. I stapled some ribbon to the ends so they can be pulled out a little easier.

This picture shows the tag behind the picture square:

...and here are the tags I made. If you are interested in doing a similar project and are wanting ideas for journaling themes, I used things like 'Favorite Memories (or Milestones) from my 1st month (2nd month, etc.). I also made tags for first holidays and tags for "Daddy and Me" and "Mommy and Me." There were 20 tags in all, which made for a basic "Baby's First Year" mini-scrapbook.
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For Those Who May Enabled...

If you own a Cricut or will be getting one soon, you may be interested to know that Michael's is having a big sale on Cricut cartridges this week--$39.99 each. While you can find other deals on e-bay at times, this is the cheapest I've seen them in stores. If you are looking for a cartridge that Michael's doesn't carry (such as Graphically Speaking or Storybook), you can try calling CreativExpress because they price match.

In other crafting news, I spent the day with my mom and I finally finished a prototype of a page I will be doing for the 'M' of my ABC Bible verse swap. These pages will take quite awhile to complete, but at least now I know what I'm doing, and that's half the battle...right? I hope to have them finished before we leave for a conference next Thursday. We'll see...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Easter Happy Spring...

Noah was just so happy to hold his Easter eggs and look through his Easter basket. Such joy!
I used Opposites Attract for the title and Zooballoo for the rabbits. Paper is from DCWV Spring Stack.
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mi amore

This layout was completed for a challenge over at Chirper Challenge (link on my sidebar). We had to follow a sketch, use ribbon, and use sewing (and the Cricut, of course). These pictures are from our 5th anniversary at Laguna Beach. A friend helped us find a romantic beach house that we rented for a few days. What a relaxing vacation for us!
It was my first time ever sewing over any pictures, and I was worried that I would regret it, but I think I do like it. 'Mi amore' is cut with Opposites Attract. Journaling says, 'Time spent with you is always time well spent--Laguna Beach, August 10, 2007.'
Here are some detail shots:

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sew Special

My Mom sewed my niece a special blanket for her when she was born. Within a few years, it was so well loved and it had been washed so often that it was threadbare and see-through. It didn't deter Ashlyn from loving it all the same, but my Mom surprised her one Christmas with an identical blanket. You can tell from the pictures how much she loved it.
Paper is from the DCWV Christmas Glitter stack. Title is from Storybook.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 12, 2008


I am wearing long sleeves today, a sure sign of the changing seasons, and I find myself thinking of the holidays. I'm digging out pictures from previous Christmases and my scrapbooks are getting thicker with completed pages!
I used a really simple design for this series of pictures. (Isn't my niece a cutie?) I used the ribbon to emphasize the straight line of the design, and accented it with a buckle from Fabulous Finds. The Santa, along with his list, is from Christmas Cheer, and the 'jolly' is cut from the upright feature of Opposites Attract. I used Star Dust stickles on the white of Santa's hat and on 'jolly.'

A close-up of the detail:
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh Baby

This is one of my favorite pictures of Scott and Jonah when Jonah was a baby. The shocked look on Scott's face betrayed our status of amateur parents at the time! I think he was probably asking me what he should do when the baby starts to cry. The journaling, which basically expresses my awe that we all survived those early days, is hidden on a tag behind the picture.
The 'OhBaby' is from Zooballoo. The babies across the bottom and the safety pins are from New Arrival. The bookplate behind the title and the paper clip on top are from Fabulous Finds. The tip of the journaling tag and the inside of the heart are embossed with the Cuttlebug Tiny Bubbles folder.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

bath time

I let Jonah help me with this one, by putting his handprints all over the journaling. He had a blast getting dirty and 'helping Mommy.' The journaling is a poem that says,
"Playing in the tub is fun
it's what we like to do!
We dunk our toys one by one
and splash our Mommy, too!
Then Mommy leans in the tub,
'It's time to wash your hair!'
Mommy has to scrub and scrub
but we don't really care.
Getting clean is fun for us
but we fight it every time...
After all, we're little boys;
we kinda like our grime!"
(author unknown)
I mounted the poem and one picture on some paper that I embossed with the tiny bubbles Cuttlebug folder. I inked the edges of the journaling and the mat to add to the 'grime' that needed a good scrubbing in the bathtub. My boys play hard, and they are dirty and stinky by day's end.
The ducks, tub, and 'bath time' are cut from New Arrival and the wave at the bottom is cut with Zooballoo. Paper is from DCWV. I stickled the bubbles in 'bath time.'

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here is a simple layout of my son, Jonah. Scott snapped the photo right before sunset, and I love the way the sunlight is hitting Jonah's face and hair. I wanted to incorporate that warmth into the layout and use that as the starting point for the theme of the page. So, I used a warm pumpkin orange for the background and inked it with brown. Under the {you} (which is done with printing press) I handwrote "brighten my day" to play along with the sunlit theme. I finished it off with some flourish stamps by Rhonna Ferrar and a circle (made with George) around Jonah's sweet face to draw even more attention to it.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Attention Cardmakers: KWernerDesign

It's Monday, so I thought I'd introduce my blog-readers to Make-a-Card-Monday (MACM).
I first noticed Kristina Werner's work back in May, when I saw one of her MACM's on YouTube. Nearly every Monday, she posts a video of her making a card, and they are great! She has a simple, clean, and fresh style that I love. And, she uses ribbon. Lots of it. :)
So, on most Mondays, I search for MACM on YouTube to see if there's a new card. She has a blog too, and that is the link I'm adding to my sidebar. On it, she posts color challenges and other fun things. If you enjoy making cards, you definitely need to check out her site. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


My in-laws got a little puppy and Jonah just loves to play with Moose! 'Moose' is done with Mickey Font in purple and the silhouette feature in white.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Love you Chris & Bevy

Here is a layout of my husband's siblings, Chris and Bevy. My husband grew up as an only child, only to have his Dad and step-mom adopt 2 more kiddos some 26 years later. They are a joy, though, and Jonah adores them through and through! He just can't play with them enough when we visit!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Warning...CREATING in progress!!!!

I am well underway into my first pages of my ABC Bible verse SWAP! Watch out!! The dining room table has become a casualty to...well, scraps, glitter, glue, pens, paper cutters, and more! In fact, Scott took a video of the mess last night and has threatened to post my mess--er, my progress--on the internet! Yipes! Well, I'm actually doing really well, considering I'm doing 28 pages at one time! However, I do think maybe a picnic is in store for tonight! ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby it's COLD outside

After a week of high temperatures, I decided to scrap some snowy pictures, hoping it would make me feel a little cooler to be thinking *cold* thoughts and cutting snowflakes! Pictures are of my niece, Abby, at about 16 months, playing in the snow. Though the design is simple, I used a lot of stuff on it...are you ready? 'Cold' is from Storybook--and though it's hard to tell in the pictures, the paper is a shimmery metallic white to mimic fresh snow; the rest of the title is Alphalicious. The snowflakes are from Graphically Speaking, Christmas Cheer, and Joys of the Season--and they are stickled. The squares amidst the pictures are shiny silver and vellum paper embossed with the Cuttlebug, and then layered with snowflakes (again from the shimmery paper). I finished it off with some ribbon that says *Let it Snow*

Here are some closer looks:
page 1:
page 2:
detail of embossed areas:
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take us with you, Daddy

These pictures were taken the day Scott left for New Zealand. The one on the top is of him rolling his luggage down our sidewalk on the way to the car--with Jonah sitting on top of the bag, looking forlorn. The other 2 pictures are taken at a park across the street from LAX, where we enjoyed some In-N-Out burgers and shakes and watched the airplanes land. The boys were so sad to say goodbye. The photo corners are my design, the title is done with Opposites Attract, and the other designs are from Graphically Speaking.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This layout basically journals a letter to my son, Noah, about the character qualities that I'd like him to learn from the Noah of Genesis. What an amazing account that, in the midst of a world where everyone's thoughts were always set on evil, Noah remained a righteous man before the Lord. And, because of his obedience, the whole of mankind was preserved through his family being on the ark!
I used paper that has been in my stash for a looooong time--from Debbie Mumm. The blue paper that the photos are mounted on is from the DCWV Spring Stack. I finished it off with some ribbon accents.
Here are some close-ups:

Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Link: Sheetload

Is it really September already? Summer went by so quickly...too quickly. But, seeing as how it's the first of the month, it's a perfect time to introduce you to the link I'm adding. The September issue of Sheetload of Cards is up and ready for download!
If you like to make cards and you are wanting to either build your stash or make a set to give as a gift, check out Sheetload of Cards! This site is issues an e-magazine every month with instructions on how to make a lot of cards in a little time. It will provide you with a sketch and tell you how many sheets of cardstock and patterned paper you need, as well as how to cut them and arrange them on your cards. For example, the August issue gave instructions to turn 1 piece of 12x12 cardstock, 1 piece of 8.5x11 cardstock, 1 piece of 4x6 piece of cardstock, and 2 4x6 pieces of patterned paper into 6 cards. After I saw how the 4x6 pieces were going to be cut, I used up some of my scraps instead and got even more mileage out of the sketch!
In addition to the monthly issues, there are 'mini' issues that come out around the middle of each month for those crafters who are really motivated to get even more accomplished! To add to the fun, they sometimes host contests based on the current issue for a chance to win great products!
Perhaps the easiest way to explain is just to show a picture of the cards I made for the month of August. I did them all one evening while watching the Olympics. Easy and fun! I used different Cuttlebug embossing folders for these, and the "Little Hellos" stamp set from StampinUp.
Thanks for looking!