Thursday, September 18, 2008

Product Review/Comparison: Stickles and Glitter Glue

About a month ago I bought my first bottle of Stickles from my local scrapbook store (LSS) and I've been so pleased with the extra 'punch' it gives my projects! A little bit goes a long way and it's an easy way to add that perfect touch. Well, the only downside I could see was that it was rather expensive for a .5 oz bottle (approx. $2.50) and there are multiple colors to choose from. I knew I would have to build my collection slowly or risk going overboard fast!
I was in JoAnn's a couple of weeks ago, and in the $1 bins right by the check out stands, I saw a bin full of Studio G Glitter Glue. The colors were more limited than what Stickles offer; my store had about 5-6 to choose from (and I bought 4 of them). They are bigger than Stickles--maybe .75 oz or so. It doesn't say on the bottle. For the price, I had to check them out and compare them to the Stickles. Here are my observations, and I hope they are helpful to you.

The Studio G Glitter Glue (from Hampton Art) does not hold its shape as well as Stickles--it flattens and spreads as it dries, and this limits its usefulness in some ways. It is also a little bit harder than the Stickles to control the flow of glue from the tip. I think the tip must be a little bit thicker than the Stickles. That said, I found a few helpful tips to work around these disadvantages. First, I have used the glitter glue almost exclusively to cover paper that has already been cut with my Cricut. This stops the spread of the glitter as it dries. In other words, I would not use the Studio G Glitter Glue to write/draw with but it is fine to cover letters and shapes that are pre-cut. Second, I found that it is not a good idea to just turn the bottle over and squeeze it to apply the glitter glue. This results in an uneven application--thicker in some areas and thinner in others with a few air bubbles in between. Rather, hold it upside down and let the glue settle into the tip. It takes a few seconds but it eliminates the air bubbles and smooths the application. Once the glue is settled to the tip, it is much easier to get the desired flow--squeeze lightly for a thin line or more firmly for a thicker line.

Recap and Overall Grades:

Studio G Glitter Glue
Value: A (more product for less money.)
Quality: C+ (acceptable, but limited in scope.)
Overall: B-

Value: B- (that's a lot of $ for a .5 oz bottle, but a little goes a long way, and there are better prices if you search online.)
Quality: A+ (keeps its shape as it dries, able to be used in more contexts)
Overall: A-

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LiveLaughScrap said...

Thanks for the comparison.
I still have yet to get Stickles. I have used a glitter glue that I got from WM. I got the irredescent one so that it picks up whatever color you are using it on. So far it have been good. I use it to cover letters & add outlines & detail. I put it on with a toothpickm not directly from the bottle. I have not tried writing or drawing though. I don't think it would hold it's shape either.

Anonymous said...

Great comparison Amy! Well written and well thought out. Thanks a lot. I'll have to give the Joann's ones a try since they are so much cheaper. I don't write with them anyhow.