Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's A Small World/See You Next Week

Since I have been busy with my Swap, I haven't gotten much time lately to work on anything else. So, I thought I'd post some pictures of pages that I completed several years ago. I got the idea for this page from someone else (cannot remember 10 years back to give proper credit)! But I DO remember that it took a veeeeerrrrry loooooong time to complete, as there is a lot of detail.
It's funny to look back at scrapbook pages done so long ago and see how trends and styles have (or have not) influenced my personal scrapbooking style. For example, I don't think I even owned any patterned paper back when these pages were done. I didn't even like most of the patterned paper until just a few years ago, and now my shelves are bursting with it!
I was also uncomfortable with any 'white space' on a page and needed all of the page to be filled up and balanced. Another thing I just recently became okay with is doing just a single page. I used to ONLY do double page spreads so that they would look nice next to each other on an open page. Now I find that restricting myself to 2-page spreads limits my creativity and ability to complete pages.
Lastly, I used to do a LOT more work on my pages because products simply weren't available. I would spend hours making my own patterned paper, only to find a similar pattern sold in the stores a few months (or in some case, years) later for a mere $0.79. Or, I look at what I handmade several years ago and think, "now Cricut sells a cartridge for that." Oh, well. At least I know I have lots of 'sweat equity' invested in my books!

A closer view of page 1:
and page 2:

Thanks for looking! This will be my last post until next week, as my dear Scott will be taking me away for a few days. The kiddos will even be with the grandparents, so it is quite the vacation for us! I have a few more Disney layouts to post when we get back. Until next time...

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Lisa said...

I think you did a great job. I dont dare post my pages from 10 years ago. Everyone would run and hide because they are bad! I love the castle and the way you pieced it all together.