Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jacob's first month in review (picture heavy)

Well, as you might imagine, we have been very busy in the Bird Nest since the last time I posted. What a month it has been! We have had time to bond together as a family and get to know our newest little guy. We have had good times and bad...I'll let the pictures tell the story.
At 4 days old, Jacob developed a fever and (very abridged edition) had to be admitted to Northridge Hospital for 3 days. After several procedures and lots of waiting, Jacob got over his virus and we were able to take him home again. He was 1 week old when he came home for the second time.
Poor Jacob!
Our first family picture
What a handsome smile! He was a trooper in the hospital, hardly ever crying. The dr. said that even during his spinal tap, he only cried like 5 times and settled down really quickly.
Grandma and Grandpa Bird came for a visit, along with Chris and Bevy. They kept Jonah and Noah at their hotel for 2 nights while Jacob was in the hospital. This is the morning after Jacob was released--we went out to breakfast and said our goodbyes.

The following pics are Jacob's first photo shoot, at a little over 1 week old. They were taken on his due date, October 14th. I plan on taking Jacob's picture next to the stuffed dog at every month to compare his growth. Hopefully I'll remember!

I love that wrinkly skin they grow into!
Jacob's first trip to the pumpkin patch...Lombardi Ranch. We found a pumpkin we thought he would like.
The boys were extremely excited to carve pumpkins!
Jacob was my favorite little pumpkin.
Jacob after a bath. He doesn't like the bath part too much, but he LOVES getting his hair washed under the faucet. He closes his eyes and relaxes his whole body and grunts little grunts of contentment the whole time I'm washing and rinsing his hair. It's my favorite!
Jacob's first trip to Disneyland! He was 3 weeks old. It was fun to see the park all decorated for Halloween!
His first (and only) ride that day: the carousel! I'm pretty sure it was one of the most exhilarating moments of his life. He likes to live life on the wild side.
Jacob wearing his "My 1st Visit" button.
We went to San Diego and stayed with my sister and her family for Halloween. She has 4 girls and they are SUCH good girls! They always make sure Jonah and Noah have a good time, and the boys always look forward to visiting their cousins. Jonah decided to be a 'fighter-fighter' for Halloween and Noah decided to be a pirate. Jacob was all bundled up burrito-style for the night.

Well, that pretty much sums up the highlights and the low-lights of the month and brings us up to date. The rest of the pictures were taken yesterday, at Jacob's 1 month photo shoot:

Jacob and his dog-1 month
Jonah loves his little brother so, so much. I love the way Jacob is looking up at him in this picture.
The brothers
Jonah and Noah look so big compared to Jacob! Can't believe how much they have grown!


Jenny B said...

thanks for sharing:) I've sure been praying for you and your little guy glad to know he is doing well and you are all bonding :)

Loopylou!! said...

oh what gorgeous piccies, so sorry jacob had a little wobble with poorlies when he came home,my little mo had to go back in the day he came home too and it really upset me, had had terrible jaundice and wasn't able to feed and they had only sent me home 6 hours earlier!! i am so pleased you are all settled now xxx

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Oh how cute are all those photos? Sounds like you have had an eventful month. So glad to hear Jacob is well again after. I have to agree, the picture with Jonah and Jacob looking up at him is just the cutest ever and a great pic for the scrapbook.

Kaye x