Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yeah, I still do that.

Craft in my spare time, that is. It's just that my spare time has dramatically decreased in the last 5 weeks. As a result, I have only had time to do this extremely simple card. It's from the Hello Kitty Greeting cartridge, cut with the card feature on. I layered the card feature with the silhouette feature on top and cut out the heart and bow. I added stickles to the heart and bow.
Nothing fancy, but I was glad to be back using my Cricut and making cards! I'm hoping to do more scrapbooking soon. I'm hoping the littlest Birdie will cooperate.
Thanks for looking!


Sandy said...

Such a cute card and what wonderful pix of the new little one and the family....so sorry to hear of the illness...my 3rd son was in NICU @ 10 days old and it is so heartbreaking to see them sick at such a young age....so glad things are bette and great to see you posting!!!!!

Crystal said...

super cute card! hope you and the family are doing wonderful! your new addition is so darn cute! hugs!

Anonymous said...
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MissJody said...

Very cute!! :)
I love it!