Sunday, March 22, 2009


So I've been working on taking better pictures of my projects. I see other blogs with pictures that are crystal clear with vibrant colors so I know it's possible. My husband has mentioned that he notices a difference between the colors in my projects vs. the colors in the pictures I post of them. I've tried a few things---adjusting the lighting, taking pictures outside, using a backdrop, etc. I have a nice camera, so I know it's user error and not an equipment failure. I am toying with the idea of building a white box (anyone have any instructions for this?).

Well today I saw this tutorial from Gina K on editing photos. Ee gads!! Why didn't I think of that? You don't have to be a wonderful photographer...with a few tricks you can fake it!!

Hopefully future posts will have pictures that reflect the truer colors of my projects--I'm excited to start playing with my photo editor!

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Anonymous said...

How funny!! :) love you, mom