Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You {color} my world

I did this page awhile back, but never got around to uploading it to my blog. A layout my Mom did provided the inspiration for this page. Thanks, Mom!
I used Cricut's Opposite Attracts cartridge for the title. The journaling above reads:

The laughter. The excitement of discovery. The joys. The pride in seeing you learn new things. The tears. The wonder of watching you grow up. The hugs. The "kiss-a-roonies." The bedtime stories. The snuggles. The memories of you singing "Jesus Loves Me." The fights. The privilege in shaping and molding your little hearts. The silliness.
The tickles. The "beep beeps" when we go through a tunnel. That soft baby skin of yours. The sound of you making fire engine noises--complete with air horn. The thrill of running to see Daddy when he comes home. The messes. The love and compassion you show for each other.
The contagious giggles. The early mornings. The ability to make your ouchies all better. The trips to the zoo. The "peek-a-boo" games. The running to the window to see all the choo-choos go by. The whining. The fun we have at the airport. The bedtime prayers. The ride-on races down the hallway. The anticipation of the future.
The good. The bad. The {not so} ugly. What would I do without my boys?!?


Thanks for looking! Tomorrow I'll post the second page of the layout.

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