Wednesday, October 22, 2008

50 States

I've decided to do an album of the 50 states. I started last Friday and have put several hours into it already. I am really enjoying the 50 states cartridge. I can see it being very useful as the boys grow and learn about the states. It also has a lot of extras on it, and if you use your imagination, its usefulness just continues to grow.

The cartridge contains cuts for each state, the name of the state, the location of the capitol on the state, the name of the capitol, the state flag, the state flower, and the shadow for the state, name of the state, and state flower. Wow!

As I am getting to know the cartridge by cutting many of these shapes for my album, I am realizing just how useful it is! I am already thinking that many of the birds on it would be nice for masculine cards. The cardinal could be used on Christmas cards. Of course, I could use the California seagull (Utah's state bird, by the way) on layouts for the beach. I'm planning to use the bear from the California state flag on a page of a backpacking trip we took. The Rhode Island flag has an anchor on it--perfect for our outing to visit the tall ships. The flag of Alaska has the Big Dipper on it, for those who have visited planetariums or just enjoy star gazing. The pelican will be a nice addition to a Morro Bay page.

Which reminds you know why they are called a pelican? (That one's for you, Dad. I couldn't resist.)

So, back to the album--for each page, I am cutting out the state, its name, the flag, the flower, and the bird. The flag is acting as the front of a card that flips open to reveal journaling about the state inside. I am also using a cut from the Fabulous Finds cartridge on each page to house the quarter for that state.

I will take some pictures today to post. I am realizing that seeing it will be a far better explanation than my words. :)

(And, for those that are still working on the pelican riddle, they are called PeliCans because their beaks can hold more than their 'Belly Can.') We heard that joke every year growing up--once for each time we saw our first pelican on our annual trips to Morro Bay.

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I like pelicans! :)
love, mom