Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Waterfall Card

Here's another waterfall card. If you know my Dad, you know he loves toy trains. He also has 8 granddaughters who love pink. When the girls were little, they had the audacity to actually put Barbies on the trains! Ever since, there has been joking back and forth in my family about 'girly' toys vs. 'boy' toys. This card was inspired by that friendly debate, and when I received a stamp set of a train with hearts on it, I knew I had to use it to give to someone in my family. Now I just have to decide...should I give it to a niece who would love the pink...or to my Dad who would love the train? ;)

1 comment:

LiveLaughScrap said...

Oh, I love your version of the waterfall card. I love that it pulls sideways.
Thanks for sharing.