Monday, August 18, 2008

Explosion Box

An explosion box is like a mini-scrapbook in a box. When you take off the top, the sides of the box fall open, revealing the pictures. This one is a family scrapbook that contains pictures of my family as well as my siblings' families. It is 3 layers deep, so it contains 22 pictures in all. This can vary depending on how many layers there are, as well as if any spots are reserved for journaling or other memorabilia.
If you want to make one, there are several tutorials online. I used this one. This one was unique in that it used a complete 12x12 piece of paper for the top of the box, resulting in the patterned paper folding back on itself to be visible both from above and underneath, giving it a more polished and complete look.
A close up of the inside of the box top: the word 'Family' is cut with Alphalicious.
Thanks for looking!


ScrappinFun said...

Love these! I wanted to find the tutorial on the second box, but the link doesn't work. :(

Zenia said...

Well written article.