Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was recently able to capture a bunch of cute shots of my little Noah when he was in a particularly good mood. We were actually at a dog show, and I think the picture of him sticking out his tongue (middle row, left side) is him trying to imitate them. So funny!
Well, for this layout I knew the pictures had to be the star of the show and I wanted to bring out the primary colors in the background and on his hoodie. I think this also may be a record for the most number of pictures on a single page I've ever used. The 'journaling' in the circle is just smile*smile*smile* written over and over and highlighted in the middle. I surrounded the circle in skittles and mounted it on dimensionals to make it stand out. I also wrote *smile* to outline one of the yellow circles on the right hand side. Easy!

Thanks for looking!

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