Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Creations are on their way!

I should have posted this earlier so you would know that I haven't forgotten about ye ole' blog, but I got consumed with the project I was working on and was thus too distracted to post for the past week or so.
What project, you ask?
Well, it was a monumental one that ate up every spare moment of last week. Before last Friday, it had been since last April (!) since I had any of my digital pictures processed. Or was it August? Either way, that's a loooooong time for a scrapbooker to go, and that also means that it was a LOT of pictures to sort through to find the ones that I wanted to print. We've taken 7,000-8,000 pictures just since getting our new camera for Christmas.
I was somehow able to wittle my selections down to a mere 680 pictures and I can't WAIT to see them and hold them in my hands and scheme new pages for them and share them with you! So stay tuned...I am about to go crazy!

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Anonymous said...

They will be there soon!!

love you, mom